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By: By Lyndsie Ferrell - Updated: 3 years ago
Posted Jun 7, 2017

CREEDE—It has been two years since the last Mineral County Search and Rescue event, and everyone is eager to get the party started for this coming summer. Many things have changed over the last two years, including an addition to the team, new Emergency Manager Terry Wetherill who is also using his military background and law enforcement experience to help run the search and rescue team. Mineral County Sheriff Fred Hosselkus is still very much involved and is helping Carl Hill plan for the coming event.

When Carl and Joanna Hill began to host the emergency personnel fundraiser in Creede, they had no idea how rewarding the experience would be. Though the couple has not been able to do it the last two years, they have made plans to come back full swing for this year’s event. The entire Mountain View RV Park is involved with the event, with guests helping in any way possible. The Hills began with their first fundraiser in 2010 and had only 30 days to put the entire process together with the help of their friends at Mountain View RV Park. 

This year’s event features a live and silent auction for many goods supplied by local businesses and donors. Hill was pleased to announce that this year’s auction will include four 22-caliber level action rifles in the silent auction as well as a 44-caliber mag. lever action rifle in the live auction. Each rifle is a commemorative weapon with either a; Search and Rescue, EMT, fire department or law enforcement engraving. With the auction, there will also be several drawings and door prizes for attending guests.

Other items that will be included in both the silent and live auction include paintings by local artists, a week time share in Breckenridge, gift certificates to local restaurants, guided fishing tours provided by Creede Outfitters and much more. In past years the event has grossed over $15,000 to aid in expenses for emergency equipment and training. The Hills hope to have a record-breaking year and invite everyone to come to show their gratitude for the work well done.

The Creede community has always shown support for their emergency personnel in the area. Being located so far away from other neighboring towns and not having access to emergency responders outside from what they have has made the community and its guests appreciative to the work emergency personnel do. Hill and his wife were more than happy to show their support and appreciation by hosting the fundraiser event and hope to pass on the tradition for many years to come. 

After the two-year break, the Hills have been able to get this year’s event off the ground with no issues and were more than happy to step back into the planning seat. The event is scheduled for Aug. 12 at 5 p.m. at the community center. The event includes home cooked chicken gumbo provided by a friend from the RV park. Tickets are for sale at the chamber and at the Mountain View RV Park located south of town. All proceeds go to emergency branches in Creede.

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