Some people come to Creede to relax and enjoy the peaceful pace of this friendly mining town, rich in its history. Others come to enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle doing things such as hiking, fishing, horseback riding, off-roading, or river rafting. While no one every intends for anything to go wrong – sometimes it does. Being nestled in the heart of the Rio Grande National Forest, Creede is also subject the some of the most dangerous wildfires in the country. Our great volunteers in the local Search and Rescue, Emergency Medical Technicians, and the Creede Fire Department are always ready when You need help. Whether you are a local resident or a seasonal visitor, these volunteers put other people’s safety at the top of their list.

Friends of Mineral County Emergency Services, Inc. (FOMCES) is an organization founded on the principles of people helping people. We all need a helping hand at different points in our lives and our search and rescue volunteers and local emergency responders are no exception. FOMCES was established to help raise money for much needed equipment, training, supplies and other specialty tools that are used during various types of rescue activities. Whether it be coming to the aid of someone in distress or imminent danger, our local SAR, Fire and EMT teams are there to help.

At FOMCES, we are grateful for the men and women who have invested countless hours of training to serve the public; our families, friends and loved ones. Helping raise funds for needed equipment and renewed training in life saving skills is why we are here. In 2019, we embarked on raising money to aid with the build of a new Command Center. This facility will house all the equipment and vehicles, including a fire truck – plus it will provide a proper training facility for the teams to run drills and perform classroom education.

When you get lost or injured in the Mineral County Mountains these Volunteers will find you and rescue you, possibly saving your life. Please join us in supporting them by donating today. Even one dollar makes a difference.


Or mail donations:

Attn: T. Wetherill
P.O. Box 454
Creede, CO 81130