FOMCES will be offering fly fishing trips in late spring and during the summer this year on Private Ranches in Mineral County. These trips will take you to a Centennial Ranch, a private fishing club, and to a historic old ranch high in the mountains! There will be both large stream and lake fishing. Find your best fishin’ buddy, get ready for a good day-hike, and enjoy the experience of becoming one with nature (and hopefully the fish)!

Excursions list 2022:

Humphreys Ranch - 4 or 5 people, fishing day trip, fishing lake and/or stream

Soward Ranch - 2 people, fishing day trip, walking trip, fishing stream

Lost Lakes - 4 people, fishing day trip, walking/boat trip, fishing lake

Pearl Lakes - 2 people, fishing day trip, fishing lake

For information:

Robert Goodwin 972-989-3833 or email 
Jimmy Adelman 719-849-8019 or email

For scheduling:

Robert Goodwin 972-989-3833 or email